modular furniture "Sasha Modern"

Manufacturer: Factory of furniture "Inter"
The collection of modular furniture "Sasha Modern" is ideal for arranging a teen room for both the boy and the girl. A series of children's furniture "Sasha Modern" is made in a combination of colors "Maple Tanzau" and "Gray" - such coloring will fill the room with light and visually increase the space.
The set consists of a wide modular range: cabinets for clothes, bookcases, an open shelving, chest of drawers, a desk, bedside table, bed. The presence of a wide modular range allows you to complete a set of furniture for a room of any size in accordance with the needs of the child.
Color execution: Tanzau maple

children's furniture "Pink"

Manufacturer: Factory of furniture "Inter"
A set of modular children's furniture "Pink" is made in the color "Oak Milky and Pink". The collection consists of a wide modular range: wardrobes for clothes and books, an open shelving, a spacious pedestal - dressing table, bedside table, writing desk, bookshelves and beds with convenient drawers. The size of the bed is 1900 x 800 mm. The mattress is chosen individually.
By arranging a children's room for your child, first of all you should take care of comfort and safety. Furniture for rest and sleep should be made of environmentally friendly materials and be comfortable for the child. To materials from which children's furniture is made, the raised requirements of ecological safety are put. Therefore, in the production of furniture, chipboard with an E-1 emission class is used, which corresponds to the standards adopted in the manufacture of furniture for children's rooms, as well as MDF and safe edge materials.
Colors: Oak millet, pink

children's furniture "Umka"

Manufacturer: Furniture Factory "MST"
A series of children's furniture "Umka" is a new generation of furniture that will create comfort and a good mood for your child. Bright and colorful, it is notable for its functionality and superb appearance, which favors the creation of a mood for study and entertainment.
"Umka" is perfect for both the boy and the girl. Modern design and functionality is another distinguishing feature of this collection. In the modular children's "Umka" there are also capacious boxes located under the bed, which are necessary for children's rooms, and a table consisting of two parts designed for creativity.
In addition, "Umka" is also extremely functional - it has special holes for glasses, a large number of different shelves and niches, as well as textile pockets for small items. The curbstone has a table top, which is equipped with a rotary mechanism, which allows to increase the table area, if necessary. A set of children's furniture "Umka" - safe furniture. Rounded corners will ensure the safety of your child. If you need children's furniture - "Umka" - this is what you were looking for.

Friday, 16 June 2017


Shoehorn 2

Shoehorn 2

Shoe store 2 simplicity, convenience, and most importantly functionality, that's hidden in a compact and inexpensive shoe that perfectly fits most hallways and will perform its functions for a long time and please its owners, it is made of high-quality chipboard on modern equipment in wenge-dairy color oak.

Dimensions and features of shoe-2:

Case: MDF
Facade: chipboard
Color: Wenge-Milky Oak
W: 600 mm
B: 1050 mm
Г: 290 mm

furniture series "Sakura"

The corner finish will be an excellent addition to the closet, it does not take much space, but at the same time will please you with open shelves on which you can place your home decor or various small things.

Angular completion dimensions:

Width: 325 mm.
Height: 2200 mm.
Depth: 610 mm.
Also you can purchase additional modules (chest of drawers, cabinet, bedside tables, cosmetic table, etc.) from the furniture series "Sakura"

Cabinet Corner Gerda

Cabinet Corner Gerda comfortable and compact, designed in a classic style.

Cabinet Corner Gerda (WxHxD) 778x2200x778
Material: chipboard
Color: body - Wenge, facades - Milk oak
Also you can buy additional modules (chest of drawers, cabinet, bedside tables, cosmetic table, etc.) from the furniture series "Gerda"

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Furniture for vestibules

Furniture for vestibules

The hallway is what you see when you open the door of the house. This is his business card. Just as a person is judged by his clothes, the impression of the house is made up by the room in which the guest appears first of all - the hallway. That's why the design of this room should be approached with all seriousness, having thought out its functionality and setting a single idea for the interior of the whole house.

Tips for choosing furniture for the hallway

Think about the functionality of the room. In the hallway there should be enough space for storing outer clothing and necessary things. Decide which pieces of furniture you need most. The hallway should be comfortable, functional and at the same time comfortable and uncluttered.
Take care of the overall stylistics of housing. The hallway is the first step into the house. Its design should correspond to what will be seen later. To avoid dissonance, it is important that the hall correspond to the basic style of the interior of the house (living room or bedroom), whether it be classic or modern high-tech.
Trust only reliable manufacturers. The furniture with which your hallway will be framed is an important part of the whole stylistics of the room.Therefore, it must be of high quality, aesthetic and reliable.
Furniture for halls from the company "Furniture-Moscow" will create in your home an incredible comfort and stunning style.
The versatility of the collection products from the company "Furniture-Moscow" will make it possible to form the interior of the hallway, living room, bedroom and children's room in a single style solution. The richness of the decor, the right graceful lines, the conformity to European quality standards will satisfy all the needs of discerning buyers.

Assortment of furniture for hallways

Collection "Aria". This magnificent collection is made in the traditional classical style. The modular composition of the products of the collection "Aria" allows to form the interior not only of the hallway, but also of the living room, sleeping and children's rooms, the cabinet in a single style solution.Collection "Aria" is perfect for small hallways, and for huge halls, smoothly passing into the living room, creating in them an elegant atmosphere of luxury and coziness.
Collection "Rhapsody". This beautiful collection, created in an impeccable classic style, will be an excellent addition to the hallway, opening its doors to the equally refined lounge. The modular system of the Rhapsody collection includes all the necessary elements. Improvise, creating comfort and coziness in your home.
For the purchase of furniture for hallways, please contact our company stores listed on the website in the " Where to buy " section.
Bedrooms in a classic style . Cabinets, inter-sectional hanging shelves, wardrobes, cornices, curbstones, as well as adults and children's beds with carved or soft backs allow you to organize a functional and cozy space for sleeping. As an option, an orthopedic base is offered to each bed. A chest of drawers, a mirror cloth with a facet or a mirror-dressing table and a dressing table with capacious drawers perfectly complement this elegant set  Bedroom furniture from the manufacturer . The cabinets are equipped with 2 panel shelves and a bar, which expand the functionality of the exquisite ensemble from the collection "Aria". The cornice is ordered separately and is selected depending on the configuration of the bedroom and the specific composition of the set.


Charming elegance. 
Furniture collection "Aria" is a triumph of harmony, classics and sophistication. The collection is the answer to a demanding and competent public, able to clearly recognize their own style. It allows you to create an atmosphere in any living space BEDROOMS, LIVING ROOM, APARTMENTS, LIBRARY, CHILDREN'S ROOM, or STUDIO.


Purity of classical forms. 
Collection "Sonata" is a light classical style, soft shades, environmentally friendly natural materials. Furniture "Sonata" will create in your home a romantic atmosphere of comfort and peace. 
Choosing furniture from the collection "Sonata", you will be pleasantly surprised by the combination of quality, functionality and price.

Bedroom furniture Sonata

Bedroom furniture Sonata

When choosing furniture for the bedroom, almost everyone tries to be guided not only by the beauty, but also by the maximum convenience of the interior. After all, the quality of rest depends on the situation in this room.

The company "Furniture-Moscow" offers bedroom furniture "Sonata". Collection "Sonata" is a light classical style, soft shades, environmentally friendly natural materials. Furniture "Sonata" will create in your home a romantic atmosphere of comfort and peace.
Choosing furniture from the collection "Sonata", you will be pleasantly surprised by the combination of quality, functionality and price.

To clarify the information on the terms of delivery, purchase furniture from the Sonata collection, and buy a children's bedroom, contact one of our branded stores by the phones listed in the section " Shops ".

Bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture

The interior of the bedroom should become the embodiment of your individual ideas of perfect comfort, because the situation in this room depends on the quality of day and night rest. Having decided to buy stylish and comfortable furnishings for this room, you can create a truly cozy space that meets all your requirements for functionality and aesthetics. Bedrooms from the manufacturer "Furniture-Moscow" - this is a practical solution for stylish and cozy interiors! 

What are the criteria for choosing bedroom furniture

Style collection. Bedroom furnishings should be in harmony with the overall design concept of the interior of the room. In the salons of the company "Furniture-Moscow" you can buy a bedroom in a light classic or laconic modern style.
Complete set. The number of elements of the interior is determined by the configuration and the area of ​​the room. In our branded salons you can purchase all the necessary bedroom furniture from the manufacturer: beds, cabinets, shelves, dressing tables, etc. All collections are modular, which allows you to buy any items separately.
The color solution. The shade of facades and decorative elements should be combined with the color of other materials used in the decoration of the bedroom. In our collections you can choose interior items decorated in calm shades of natural wood: "walnut", "light" or "dark ash", "acacia bleached", "oak", "wenge", etc.
To choose and buy a bedroom that fully meets your requirements for aesthetics, comfort and ergonomics, please contact 

Sunday, 19 March 2017

We received extremely BAD SERVICE: "The big mattress" - /"My furniture store" -

Customer review / feedback about the company Thebigmattress / Myfurniturestore in Sydney, Auburn

Briefly about the problem:
We placed an order on website and paid for all items including delivery.
The seller didn't deliver what we ordered - we received another bunk bed model which we didn't agree to exchange and this model has missing parts. When we requested refund and collect wrong and faulty item back the trader just refused it.
By doing so the trader has breached the law on multiple occasions - see 'Consumer guarantees' section on

See email communication on this short video 

Case details "The big mattress" - aka "My furniture store" -

Based on our personal experience:

1. The trader is cheating on customers by promising to deliver one type of the bed but deliver another
2. The trader provides misleading information to the clients on the website and via email communication
3. The trader is making false statements about what customers did and did not requested. Basically, the Seller defames on Customers by denying clear statements (in written form) where customers requested specific model
4. The trader not just provided wrong model but this model has missing parts (base legs for stability) which makes it impossible to use due to health and safety issues
5. The trader breaks the law by refusing to refund
6. The trader refuses to collect goods back at his own cost

For all clients we recommend to stays away from these businesses: "The big mattress" - aka "My furniture store" -

If you already paid your money and having issues with Craig Mendel or Tristan Carvajal contact Fair Traiding immediately.

Seller's Name: Craig Mendel Enterprises Pty Ltd
Seller's Email:

Sales 1300 298 461
Level 2 / Auburn Mega Mall 265 Parramatta Road Auburn , NSW , 2144
1300 298 461
(02) 9648 4203
(02) 8011 3272
(02) 8011 3046


Monday, 27 February 2017

What do you know about Discount Mattresses & Beds for Sale TheBigmattress?

Did you see something like that "My Furniture Store – Australia’s Best Value Discount Furniture Store!
Finding cheap bedroom furniture that’s also great quality can seem very difficult; there are so many different suppliers and designers, it can be hard to find a real bargain. That’s why My Furniture Store has put together a range of furniture and bedding that’s well designed, made of quality materials, and available to the public at heavily discounted prices. Unlike other furniture stores, we offer genuine discounts of up to 80% off the recommended retail price of leather, PVC, timber & wooden furniture including pine furniture.

With over 3,000 different styles available, My Furniture Store has the biggest and best range of cheap furniture in Sydney. From kids’ bunk beds to elegant dining settings, plush lounges to minimalist bedroom suites, there’s something for everybody. We even offer décor and accessories, including linen and manchester in our bedding store section." 

That must be "The big mattress" - aka "My furniture store" -, right? ;)

Well, let's make it clear then... we just want to share REAL experience with these companies here

That's what we personally experienced with the seller, other customers probably might have better service, but we don't know it...

The good part: prices are OK.... sort of 'everything is always on sale'... we would recommend to compare with other stores - you might find that there is not much difference in price from other shops compare to

We received extremely BAD SERVICE

 To sum up:
1.       The Seller has provided misleading information to us (presenting wrong pictures on the website and promising that what we saw will be delivered however they deliver another product)
2.       The Seller is making deceive statements: the seller is saying that we didn’t specify that we need a model without extra legs however we were very specific about it from the very beginning
3.       Once Seller delivered wrong and faulty model we requested refund but seller refused money refund and refused return delivery at his own cost - this is against the law.

The bad part:

1. Extremely bad with delivery time-frames. In our case it took about 1 month. While in other store you will get, things ordered and delivered within few days, 'the big mattress' might deliver in a month(s). If you OK to wait, then it might be minor issue...
2. When we reported about the issues we received a phone call from the store - the guy who was calling us was very rude and shameless. He didn't want to listen anything just replied that we will not get anything from what we received.
3. 'The Big Mattress' online store was cheating on us, they were making foolish statements and refused to admit anything they did wrong to us.

Personal opinion: we will stay away from these companies: "The big mattress" - /"My furniture store" -