Sunday, 19 March 2017

We received extremely BAD SERVICE: "The big mattress" - /"My furniture store" -

Customer review / feedback about the company Thebigmattress / Myfurniturestore in Sydney, Auburn

Briefly about the problem:
We placed an order on website and paid for all items including delivery.
The seller didn't deliver what we ordered - we received another bunk bed model which we didn't agree to exchange and this model has missing parts. When we requested refund and collect wrong and faulty item back the trader just refused it.
By doing so the trader has breached the law on multiple occasions - see 'Consumer guarantees' section on

See email communication on this short video 

Case details "The big mattress" - aka "My furniture store" -

Based on our personal experience:

1. The trader is cheating on customers by promising to deliver one type of the bed but deliver another
2. The trader provides misleading information to the clients on the website and via email communication
3. The trader is making false statements about what customers did and did not requested. Basically, the Seller defames on Customers by denying clear statements (in written form) where customers requested specific model
4. The trader not just provided wrong model but this model has missing parts (base legs for stability) which makes it impossible to use due to health and safety issues
5. The trader breaks the law by refusing to refund
6. The trader refuses to collect goods back at his own cost

For all clients we recommend to stays away from these businesses: "The big mattress" - aka "My furniture store" -

If you already paid your money and having issues with Craig Mendel or Tristan Carvajal contact Fair Traiding immediately.

Seller's Name: Craig Mendel Enterprises Pty Ltd
Seller's Email:

Sales 1300 298 461
Level 2 / Auburn Mega Mall 265 Parramatta Road Auburn , NSW , 2144
1300 298 461
(02) 9648 4203
(02) 8011 3272
(02) 8011 3046