modular furniture "Sasha Modern"

Manufacturer: Factory of furniture "Inter"
The collection of modular furniture "Sasha Modern" is ideal for arranging a teen room for both the boy and the girl. A series of children's furniture "Sasha Modern" is made in a combination of colors "Maple Tanzau" and "Gray" - such coloring will fill the room with light and visually increase the space.
The set consists of a wide modular range: cabinets for clothes, bookcases, an open shelving, chest of drawers, a desk, bedside table, bed. The presence of a wide modular range allows you to complete a set of furniture for a room of any size in accordance with the needs of the child.
Color execution: Tanzau maple

children's furniture "Pink"

Manufacturer: Factory of furniture "Inter"
A set of modular children's furniture "Pink" is made in the color "Oak Milky and Pink". The collection consists of a wide modular range: wardrobes for clothes and books, an open shelving, a spacious pedestal - dressing table, bedside table, writing desk, bookshelves and beds with convenient drawers. The size of the bed is 1900 x 800 mm. The mattress is chosen individually.
By arranging a children's room for your child, first of all you should take care of comfort and safety. Furniture for rest and sleep should be made of environmentally friendly materials and be comfortable for the child. To materials from which children's furniture is made, the raised requirements of ecological safety are put. Therefore, in the production of furniture, chipboard with an E-1 emission class is used, which corresponds to the standards adopted in the manufacture of furniture for children's rooms, as well as MDF and safe edge materials.
Colors: Oak millet, pink

children's furniture "Umka"

Manufacturer: Furniture Factory "MST"
A series of children's furniture "Umka" is a new generation of furniture that will create comfort and a good mood for your child. Bright and colorful, it is notable for its functionality and superb appearance, which favors the creation of a mood for study and entertainment.
"Umka" is perfect for both the boy and the girl. Modern design and functionality is another distinguishing feature of this collection. In the modular children's "Umka" there are also capacious boxes located under the bed, which are necessary for children's rooms, and a table consisting of two parts designed for creativity.
In addition, "Umka" is also extremely functional - it has special holes for glasses, a large number of different shelves and niches, as well as textile pockets for small items. The curbstone has a table top, which is equipped with a rotary mechanism, which allows to increase the table area, if necessary. A set of children's furniture "Umka" - safe furniture. Rounded corners will ensure the safety of your child. If you need children's furniture - "Umka" - this is what you were looking for.