Saturday, 20 May 2017

Bedrooms in a classic style . Cabinets, inter-sectional hanging shelves, wardrobes, cornices, curbstones, as well as adults and children's beds with carved or soft backs allow you to organize a functional and cozy space for sleeping. As an option, an orthopedic base is offered to each bed. A chest of drawers, a mirror cloth with a facet or a mirror-dressing table and a dressing table with capacious drawers perfectly complement this elegant set  Bedroom furniture from the manufacturer . The cabinets are equipped with 2 panel shelves and a bar, which expand the functionality of the exquisite ensemble from the collection "Aria". The cornice is ordered separately and is selected depending on the configuration of the bedroom and the specific composition of the set.


Charming elegance. 
Furniture collection "Aria" is a triumph of harmony, classics and sophistication. The collection is the answer to a demanding and competent public, able to clearly recognize their own style. It allows you to create an atmosphere in any living space BEDROOMS, LIVING ROOM, APARTMENTS, LIBRARY, CHILDREN'S ROOM, or STUDIO.


Purity of classical forms. 
Collection "Sonata" is a light classical style, soft shades, environmentally friendly natural materials. Furniture "Sonata" will create in your home a romantic atmosphere of comfort and peace. 
Choosing furniture from the collection "Sonata", you will be pleasantly surprised by the combination of quality, functionality and price.

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